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24 Callaway Value Pack

  • 275
Brand Callaway
Condition Other
Gender Mens
No. of Balls 24

24 Callaway Mix of balls. From Hex black to Callaway warbird. Mint  & A, and Practice Grade mix.

Ball Ratings Explained

These golf balls are like new in appearance and will feel and play as a new ball would. They might have tiny imperfections but have no abrasions at all. We like to call them “One Hit Wonder” golf balls as it was most likely lost after the first swing or two …. or stolen out of players bag 😉 Can also be called “A+” Grade. *

These golf balls all have one or another minor imperfection that keeps them from being Mint. They might have minor abrasions or slight blemishes. Most people would consider these balls Mint, but we are just too picky. These balls are similar to a new ball after being played for 3-4 holes. The shine and color of the balls may slightly vary, but the integrity of the flight characteristic is not compromised at all. *

The combination of these two grades are as a result of the quality of the balls being so good that we cannot tell the difference between MINT and A-Grade. When you as customer buy them you will not be able to tell the difference either because of the high standard of grading and quality balls. Guaranteed Great Quality Golf Balls! *

These balls have been played with for a few holes and still look fairly good. They will have minor marks and / or minor scuffs on the balls but they are great for practice. These are balls that did not make it into our “A” grade however you might find A Grade balls in the mix. We recommend this grade to high handicap and beginner golfers.

2 Reviews

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24 Callaway Value Pack
  • Rating
Was worried at first about quality, but when i received the value pack, all the balls were of high quality. Again shipping was perfect and packaged securely. Definately good value for money. Worth every penny4
5:00 pm April 18, 2011
24 Callaway Value Pack
  • Rating
Great quality and the service and delivery from wegotballs was excellent. I can highly recommend this.5
4:59 pm April 18, 2017
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